Bacolod City Bay Walk

When we, I and M, went to Bacolod City to attend Ate Hazel’s wedding, we were able to visit the tower of Pope John Paul and the Negros Occidental museum where we had the opportunity to check the early phoropter model used by the first Filipino Optometrist.

Another spot in Bacolod City which M wanted to see is the bay walk. Since the heat of the morning sun shine is like cooking my skin off, we decided to rent a tricycle.

I know it’s looking really funny, but M asked the tricycle owner to let him drive even just in the bay walk area.

As I have observed, there’s nothing in the bay walk that amazed me much like nice things to see or what. But since both of us are first timers in the place, we just made every minute we spent in Bacolod City to roam around the city.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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