Birthday and Independence Day

Yesterday was my M‘s birthday and at the same time 113th Philippine independence day celebration. At first I was hesitant to what to do since he was having his work. But good enough he was given a birthday pass for a day thence we were able to celebrate his birthday together.

At around 11 o’clock in the morning, we went to SM City Cebu to take our lunch. We then immediately bought a pair of ticket to watch Super-8 Movie. After then, we stroll over the mall and bought some of our personal stuffs in the department store. Those things took us about 8 in the evening to get done. We then decided to go home.

But the day didn’t end there. I set a surprise dinner with him and together with our friends in one of the restaurants inside the mall. Earlier before we watched a movie, I checked the resto and reserved a table for 6 – I, M and 4 other friends. One of them, Georiet, I asked to bought a cake with 27 cake candle sticks. And with the other guests, I asked them not to inform M about my plan. There, when I drag him inside the resto he was really surprised seeing 1 of his bestfriends there which supposed to be having a duty (as a policeman). We dine together. While dining, the resto staff brought the cake out and sing for M a birthday song.

That was indeed a full surprise for him, as he always said. Even our guests were also surprised especially when the staffs bought a cake for him while singing a birthday song.

That, eventually, what happened yesterday in a birthday and independence day.

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