Blogging for Fun

I never thought Blogging for Fun would turn to Blogging for Profit or Blogging for Money up until a number of blogging friends advised me, way back 2007, to monetize my blog after I had my blog PR 3 in its earliest 3 months of active circulation along the blogosphere. Thence, I started monetizing my blog.

I could still remember how I got my very first payment received which was $20.00. That time, I still had my blogger free blogging platform. Years later, I decided to create new blog which is related to what I am studying now, medical blog. A year later my medical blog was launched, I created news/journalism blog. And just this year, I am having my pet blog and the newest, food blog.

Though I monetized my blogs, I still never forget my main reason why I blog which is just to have fun making friends, discovering new things from blogger friends, sharing thoughts, laments, rants and more. Indeed, for me, blogging is merely just for fun out of my spare time.

Anyway, I created this post just to tell all my readers, blogging friends, EC droppers that my blog, and all of my other blogsĀ  are all for fun. FUN, for me, is to have FUN in making friends – online and offline, FUN in welcoming readers, exchanging ideas, comments, FUN in sharing rants, thoughts, discoveries, experiences. NOTHING more but FUN!

Everybody are welcome to leave comments here and in my other blogs, drop EC, and more. HOWEVER, I’d just want to emphasize that this blog, and my other blogs, wouldn’t allow to link and post any thing bad against any blogger who are dropping EC and or leaving comments. As I have said, anybody are allowed to leave comments and drop EC but if I found out that anybody else blogs, points or uses my blog/blogs or even my name against any blogger, without any hesitations I will really fight you back. As much as possible, let’s just all prevent doing things against any blogger so that any conflicts will be avoided.

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