Didang at Emars Wavepool

On December 25, 2010, our family had a chance to have our extended Christmas party, after the Noche Buena and Christmas Eve at home, in  the newly developed wave pool in Davao City, the Emars Wave Pool.

I’ll just be posting here some chosen images of Didang because I missed posting about her. And I noticed that, lately, what I used to post are all about Didong. Hehe. If this is your first time to be here, I’d like you to know that Didong and Didang ain’t siblings. Didong is my elder sister’s son while Didang is my brother’s daughter. But Didang has a younger brother too who is Dodong.

Anyway, here are some of Didang’s cute, I say, images.

Since the kids, Didong and Didang, were around 1 year old, I already taught them how to pose in front of the camera. Hehe.

I want to share another proof of my being a sleepy head aside from that I caught sleeping in the middle of a church mass. Hehe. I wasn’t feeling good during last year’s Christmas vacation so while everybody’s enjoying the artificial waves of the pool, I was just sleeping at the corner of the cottage.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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