Didong in Cebu – Toys Shopping

Toys shouldn’t be missed for every little kids going to the malls most specifically for my nephew, Didong.

The day when my Mom and Didong arrived in Cebu City, immediately on the afternoon of that day, we went to SM City Cebu to supposedly just to do the grocery. However, even I, Didong didn’t want to move out from the mall without handing himself any toys. So we shopped for toys.

On our way going the the toys department, Didong saw spongebob, posed beside it and asked my mom to take a photo of them.

If you could still remember, way back October 2009, I bought Didong a spiderman costume here in SM City Cebu. As we passed by this cartoon image of spiderman, Didong asked me again where did I buy his costume. Hehe. He never forgets the costume because that was his first costume ever and up until now he’s still wearing it. Though, it was small for him already.

Here’s superman and batman. Didong posed also imitating superman’s act.

Didong had the most difficult time looking for the best toy he could have that time. Even I, actually. Everytime we go shopping for toys – for him and for Didang and Dodong too!

One sales lady told Didong if he wanted a flash costume coz they also having one. Didong actually tried the flash costume. He only tried fitting it, but when asked if we’ll buy it, he said he didn’t like it anymore. LOL!

After more than an hour of walking and seeing whichever toys could win Didong’s eyes, he told me to check Ben 10 stuffs. We then went to Ben 10 section.

Finally, he got this Omni Tricks of Ben 10 and a t-shirt too.

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