To Travel Spain by The Galeón Andalucía Sevilla

Could you still remember the Galeón Andalucía Sevilla that has visited Cebu City some months last year, 2010? Oh yeah, that’s it -the replica of the one of the oldest Spanish galeóns which traveled from Spain to Philippines for trading goods. I just suddenly  remembered about the galeón and our talks with my classmate, Jay, who was my companion when I went and personally took photos of me and the galeón. I told her that I want to go to Spain not by plane but by the galeón.

Yeah! I told her that, no jokes! I was just very curious how the inside of the galeóns looking like and the feeling of traveling with the pirates perhaps. Haha. Ain’t it exciting? Just think of a hunk pirate like Johnny Depp traveling with you from the Philippines to Spain? Oh lala.. I might not be taking off from the galeón then! LOL! Smiley

Anyway, I am re-posting here some of my photos taken with the galeón.

Who’d like To Travel Spain by The Galeón Andalucía Sevilla with me? Smiley

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