4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway CLOSED

I wasn’t able to update you guys about the closing of my 4-year domain and hosting giveaway. I was just very very busy lately that even until this morning of Sunday, I was in the hospital not because of hospital duties but rather one of my classmates and close friends underwent a minor surgery. She has nothing to call but only her two, good thing I was one of them, hehe, closest friends and classmates. The surgery went well and she recovered fast. We discharged her immediately this morning.

Anyway, it’s July 2011 already and I am here celebrating my 4th year of being active in blogging! I have nothing to hope and pray for but to have more active and moolah-making years to come.

By the way, my 4-year domain and hosting giveaway is now OFFICIALLY CLOSED. There were a total of 15 blogger entrants. Most of them blogged multiple entries. I will be be proclaiming – summarizing, blogging, about the winner tomorrow, July 4, 2011.

So, hold your breathe now guys!

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