Attended the Cebu International Food and Travel Expo 2011

Nothing seems more exciting in attending an expo be it a travel, food, and other stuffs, than the flooding freebies each expo exhibitors are giving to their visitors. I honestly admit, that’s one, basically, of the many reasons why I love attending expos.

Yeah! This afternoon, before the Cebu International Food and Travel Expo 2011 ended, I, together with my classmate and a friend, able to drop by even just for two hours at the Waterfront Hotel here in Cebu City to attend the said food and travel expo.

Free taste of foods are available like fruit juices, chocolates, chips and off course, my fave coffee. But I didn’t opt to grab a cup, only Ernhez, because I haven’t had lunch yet that time. And I am afraid if my hyper-acidity might be triggered again by such coffee.

Aside from what I expected to see in the expo, I noticed, upon entering the expo premises, most of the expo exhibitors were having somehow specialized trade show flooring and logo mats representing each exhibitors’ company logos and other icon information. Other exhibitors used tarpaulins as their flooring instead of┬átrade show carpet. However, those were still printed with images of their products.

Accordingly, using image icons as floor mats in a trade expo is very helpful for the company wherein customers, passers by and visitors of their exhibits could easily had a grasp of information on what the company are up to or the services they are providing. People tend to be much photographic than letting them read flyers of just merely texts on it.

Those were, by far, what I had observed during the expo earlier today.

You might be asking what exciting stuffs I’d able to get during the expo? Well then, just wait for my next blog updates.

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