Cebu International Travel Expo 2011

Today is the last day of the Cebu International Travel Expo 2011. It has started on July 21.

I, actually, has known this already since last week even before the expo started, though, but because of my hectic schedule and conflicting vacant time with the expo, I wasn’t able to check it yet. However, hopefully, today, I and a classmate and friend could drop by there even just an hour or two before the expo finally ends.

The expo showcases a number of international travel agencies in the cities which offers great deals on international travels and packages.

However, personally, I have problem with my passport because of some alterations in my birth certificate. Up until now, I cannot travel out of the country because of my passport being held in the DFA office. Aside from that, I am also afraid to stay inside an airplane for a longer time because of my varicosities. I guess, I have already mentioned this in my medical blog – that I am experiencing this pain in my legs. In fact, when I consulted an internist, she recommended to use stockings and when I am into going elsewhere, like traveling, I need to use travel compression stockings. But I have said before, I am not used to wear stockings. Maybe, if my passport will be ok and given a chance to travel abroad, I surely don’t have other choices but to wear one.

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