Hair Extensions, PLEASE!

Lately, I noticed the faster obvious growth of my hair. Even my classmate and a housemate as well said that it seems like my hair is being injected with many growth factors.

Since my hair, when I cut it down last March 2011, it was like a bob cut style. Definitely, almost, but not all, strands are not the same in length which is very awkward to look at now. Some hair strands are already shoulder length while other are yet up to my ear level. And I do not know how to fix this because if I will tie them, those shorter strands won’t be included and left hanging and flying elsewhere in my face. But if I will just let it stand alone, I feel so itchy over my nape – back of the neck area which oftentimes so irritating especially during very a hot noontime in school.

My housemate suggested to have me a hair extensions just like what some of our classmates in medical school are doing. Hair extensions are nice looking, that’s for sure, fashionably talking. But, I am not the kind of lass who is very meticulous and conscious to physical beauty. I am just much contented and satisfied looking myself mess and make-up-free in front of the mirror. I usually fix my hair the simplest like tying or letting it stand if still wet until it dries and tie again. Just that; no other flaws. With hair extensions, I think, but I am not sure since I haven’t tried it yet, I need to fix each hair strands especially during the morning after taking shower. Will each hair strands stick to each other when wet? I am not sure!

With much blah blahs on hair extensions, my childhood friend once threw me a joke that at least this is just the only thing I am having problems with. Not like him wherein his hair is already thinning and abnormal falling hair. He’s now thinking to try hair transplant. But then again, I was the one he requested to look for the best hair transplant surgeon nearest here. Ah oh! The problem is still dampened to me. LOL!

Anyway, do you have something to suggest to what I need to do with my hair? Extensions? Or what?

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