Hair Problems

If you could still remember, the last day that I had my long hair this year was on March 3, 2011. On the evening of that day, I also had my random hair make-over wherein I also had my shortest hair style in my entire life.

Random Make-Over, March 2, 2011

Now, I am already in my 4 months of having short hair. I am not blabbing about how long my hair grows, it’s actually lengthy now, but rather on its out-of-style look.

My hair now, by far, is a centimeter or two beyond shoulder length. My problem is that it curves in my shoulder which is very awkward to look at. Aside from that, I feel itchy every time the tips of each hair strands touches my neck. It annoys me especially during exam period or hospital visits.

One time, I shared this to my friends. They suggested to put hair sprays or styling, moisturizing gels on my hair. They even pointed a number of brands like Bumble and Bumble, Redken and even Moroccan Oil. But because of my busy schedules, I can’t manage to apply those stuffs on my hair. And telling you, I am not that very keen on the things I use for myself – hair, face and body. I’m just contented with a shampoo every bath and a simple usual style of combing my hair. Just that and I can make my day then.

But lately, as I have said, my hair is causing me to feel uncomfortable because of its shoulder-length waves. I tried tying it, but I can’t resist a whole-day long of tying my hair tightly because of migraine headache. Urgh. I don’t know what to do with my hair now. Should I need to cut this to shorter length again or not? Can you suggest any?

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