Instant Hotel Booking at 50% Discount

The Cebu International Travel and Food Expo 2011 that I and Ernhez, my classmate in medical school and a blogging buddy as well, made us to book instantaneously without any other hesitations.

That, actually, was one of my reasons why I forced Ernhez to go with me in Waterfront Hotel and Casino where the said expo was held. I explained to him that there will really be lots of freebies and goodies that companies joining the expo, be it an international or just a local company, will be giving away to their visitors and guests. Thence, he finally decided to get there with me.

When were there, the very first area which I chose to get some look was the travel expo area – travel and tour agencies, airline companies, hotels and a lot more organizations which are on tourism. And the very first company which welcomed us just right next to the entrance area was a hotel companies giving away 50% discount on any hotel accommodations booked and bought.

Both of our eyes, I and Ernhez, were shining while looking eyes to eyes with each other. He told me why not try to ask about the amenities and other accommodation benefits. Smiley So then, I talked to three of their representatives. They explained to me where those hotels, because they were showcasing three different hotels to us, located and how to get there from the airport and the neighboring buildings and hanging out areas. Good thing that it’s just very near to M’s working place so for me to just be able to pass there by on his office once in a while when we’ll be getting there. Ernhez has no problems with his gigs to do and where to go. He was just relying to me where I’d be going so he could be just with me then.

Without further talks, we booked a supreme room accommodation for two – for me and Ernhez with tw0 single beds. Smiley Other hotel amenities are the complimentary breakfast for two, free wi-fi, 24-hour hot tub which I never forget to ask because the country now is in it’s wet-season; thus, I need hot tub to feel relaxed somehow, and more.

The 50% discount was only during the duration of the expo. But the validity of the accommodation would be until October 31, 2011. This means that we, I and Ernhez, still have ample time to decide when to avail our booked hotel in Metro Manila. Smiley

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