Last Sunday of July 2011

The rain has just stop. It’s already 2:31 when I was starting to write and work on this blog post. But I haven’t done any good school-related stuff yet because of this not so good weather here in Cebu City. *sigh*

I just recently remembered, today is the last Sunday of July 2011. I haven’t attended any church masses today because of the irritating weather. Instead, I am just here inside my room doing nothing but lurking and trying to pick some online cash advance deals for my friend who was planning to have an international trip in the early months of 2012. See? These things are all because of the weather – making me lazy to go out.

Speaking of trips, I and Ernhez are planning to have two different trips next month. Hopefully we can pursue those preplanned if given the chances to relax even for a little time. I won’t spell words where will be going, but rest assured, I’d be blogging about our trips so soon. For now, I guess, I need more bucks to cater all what I’d be needing regarding our trip. Gosh! I haven’t prepared any yet.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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