Sunday in the Apartment

I’m not used to get bored every weekend. I tell you, every time I’m such, I usually go window shopping, dining out or any outdoor things. If I can’t go out, I just keep on playing online games, hopping friends’ blogs, chatting online and off course blogging. I seldom clean the apartment – doing the kitchen, carpet cleaning, and more of the household chores.

But now, since the weather here in Cebu City is not good like it’s always fluctuating from super hot sunny hours to eventually very heavy rain dropping then by then. I can’t let my computer stay turned-on longer because the electricity is also fluctuating due to the unstable weather condition. Urgh! And I can’t go out also because I am definitely not feeling well – my sinusitis and migraine are attacking me lately and again due to the unfavorable weather.

This morning, I took some coffee downstairs, stayed for a while in the dining area. I just noticed that our apartment is getting boring and boring each day since I let Ishy be adopted for a while. Every time I have nothing to do in my room, I used to talk to Ishy. I know she won’t answer me – never I guess, but at least, my boredom could somehow be lighten by her.

I even missed her more when I saw one of the pictures I took during our Bacolod City trip with M. During our first night there, my friend who was about to get married the day after, invited me to have a spa session. So we had for us to relax as well. I was really fascinated with the fish wall decor (above) of the spa center. This image of the wall decor always reminds me of Ishy.

Ah oh! Hope to see Ishy so soon!

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