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Lately, a lot of my friends online and offline has been asking me how do I able to manage blogging where in fact I a medical student. No one can deny, being a medical student is not that easy thing like any other post graduate studies.

Honestly, I don’t exactly know how I do this.

But one thing is for sure, WRITING is my passion, BLOGGING is my hubby, being a MEDICAL PRACTITIONER is my ambition.

One of them suggested me why not enroll in an online medical school so for me to just be in front of the computer 24 hours a day.

I just smiled. But at the back of my mind, I actually had a thought of why there ain’t no such thing as online medical school? Yeah, that friend of mine actually has a point, right? Though he was just kidding, I presume, but he’s somehow has a stand when it comes to my being addicted to online stuff. Hey, it’s not the negative online stuff that I mean but blogging and writing. Only those two, nothing more!

What do you think if there would be an online medical schooling? Off course, actual training is required. But what I mean is the discussion and classroom learning would be the one online. Could it be possible? Smiley

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