Ernhez on Facebook Notification

I was rushing on to complete my online tasks before I started to dive into my piled notes and books yesterday for our exam this morning when Facebook really made me laugh in a moment.  I was about to post one of my posts’ URL  in Facebook, as usual, Facebook is asking for a verification by simple copy and type of some weird words before successfully posted, in my wall when the notification word displayed was rhyming Ernhez, my classmate’s name.

Before I ticked the “submit” button, I took a screen capture from my computer just to share my funny experience.

Just right after seeing the above word, I hurriedly make a call over the phone to Ernhez. I was laughing while calling him, so I just ended, in less than a minute, the call. I, instead, sent him an SMS informing that I found something ‘laughable’ as what we, the both of us call it, and I need to share it to him because it’s something that he is related to.

What about you? Is the first word shown above rhymes with Ernhez name? Hmp!

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