Finally Found A Private Launder

After three months of manually doing my laundry, I finally found a private launder.

Private good launders here in Cebu City are very hard to find. It’s like one need to dig up a very deep trail to follow and find them from their niches. They are not like those construction workers that are just could easily be found else where. Even if one would only post a mini job opportunity outside his home for construction workers, one surely to receive, not merely looking for a construction job but at least has inquired for some one else like his friend to work.

As I have noticed anywhere in the country, there is always a third party company for workers like in a construction, household help, driver and more. An example of such company is the where in even online, one can find any helpers or workers he/she is looking for.

But with all these accessess, I have found very rare companies handling for private launder jobs. My mom shared once that launders are very hard to find because each family living in one house, at least even one, they usually do the laundry by themselves. This maybe the very reason why I really have tried washing my clothes for more or less three months since the classes has started.

Unlike students, especially like me – being in a post graduate school, washing clothes even just on weekends is already very tiring. I better go to sleep then. I know I am a bit lazy when it comes to washing clothes. But now, I already have my own reason not to wash – it’s that I am a medical student. LOL!

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