Lost Air Fare Tickets

Finally, after three months of just merely talking to my family over the phone, I can see and mingle with them, hopefully, tomorrow night.

Yes! You heard it! Tomorrow afternoon will be my flight back to Davao City celebrating the second long vacation we are having in school. I’m actually not supposed to go home. The first plan was that my parents will be the one to visit me here. But I think my loneliness here won’t just be completed merely by seeing my parents alone here. I also am missing my siblings, nephews and niece – the whole family itself.

Thence, I decided to go home.

I will go home, instead of my parents coming over here.

On Tuesday, I bought my air fare tickets – a round trip ticket, for myself. And I was able to avail for the 20% discount offered by one of the leading air transportation companies in the country. That’s a great deal to grab. However, last night my tickets were lost. Good enough that when I bought the ticket, the attending staff sent a copy of my ticket on my email address so I opted to print a copy of myself. Another bad thing happened that my hp laserjet ink cartridges were already empty. Grrrr. I remembered, my housemate is having a printer so I just asked her to print a copy of my tickets. When I was about to knock her door, I was able to wake up.


That all was just a dream – losing my tickets and more.

But sure thing, I’ll be going home, for real, tomorrow!  Smiley

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