M is Blogging

M has been wanting to have a blog since before. I disagreed with him, at first. I told him that it’s very time consuming for noobies to learn and to make a name around the world wide web. But he insisted. I dug up his reasons. But all he need is just to have something he could say ‘this is mine’ around the internet.

Thence, I allowed him.

I bought him a domain of his choice under my account in go daddy [dot] com. Since he’s still new to the blogging world, and he, himself is unsure if he could be successful in trying to get some space around here, he just asked to share with me in my hosting services where all my wordpress blogs are being hosted.

To think deeply, his blogs are wordpress direct, unlike mine that I started learning blogging from blogger format. Yay!

Anyway, M is not enough to have just one blog. He said that the above blog would be his personal blog. And he wants to make another that is about the two of us. And again, he wanted to share a hosting services. His two blogs are all under my hosting provider.

If you have time guys, feel free to visit M’s blogs and follow as well by just clicking the two banners above.

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