Mobile Room

Yesterday, I was talking about my messy room. I didn’t expect one of my school mates from University of the Philippines Mindanao could have time and interest in reading about my blog specifically that one ~ about my room.

She sent me private message on Facebook. She recalled what my room was looking like in my apartment when we were still in college Every Saturday, I kept cleaning and rearranging things in my room before but not too long in the middle of the week, Wednesday, my room was getting messy again. Haha! Well, those were the days and still happening until now. Hehe. Smiley

While reading more of her message and at the same time reminiscing those memories back, my forehead whirled and read for how many times over and over again his last sentence suggesting to put some floor mats on my room. She even mentioned a floor mat which is the same as those of the carsĀ  so for me not to wash like clothes those mats. Nothing more made me laugh but that statement. I couldn’t stop myself but really laugh. I can’t imagine putting some lincoln mark viii custom floor mats in my room? Haha!

I really asked her “What do you think of my room? A mobile room?” Ahihi. And she said, “I think you need one!”. LOL!

Do I? Smiley What do you think? Smiley

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