My Messy Room

I woke up, not too long ago, maybe an hour before, seeing my room that is so messy. I do not know what to do with this. At first, I thought of just ignoring it and maybe can transfer to another apartment unit like those Apartments for Rent in Calgary. The rooms in their apartments are looking neat and clean. Things are having proper area in the building to arrange and put the stuffs on.

I was staring at that image of an apartment in Calgary this morning and then changed my sight to my room, I have nothing to tell myself but my room is looking like a garage comparing to that one.

I was thinking to transfer into a new apartment, but I think, it would not be the wisest plan to do. I guess, I just need a house helper. I am not used to have no one. Urgh! And I could easily get irritated seeing my stuffs not in proper order. What would I do?

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