My Papa’s 57th Birthday

Last August 19 was my dad’s birthday. He is 57 years old already! Yay! My dad is getting older and older each year! Waaaah!

As usual, am not at home to celebrate with them. I just called my dad through mobile phone. How much I want to celebrate with them is yet so impossible to happen. And so, as a thank you to the Divine-most one, I was having a one-day birthday giveaway inline with my dad’s birthday. As promised, I’d be giving 2,000.00 PhP or the equivalent in USD to any who could guess my dad’s age and post it on their facebook wall while tagging our family’s fan page, my fan page and me, as the host of the giveaway.

From all who luckily has guessed the exact age of my dad, I chose only one winner through But I suggest you watch this video.

Happy 57th birthday again Papa!

And oh, by the way, to the winner, kindly send me direct message with your preferred mode of money transfer.

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