Short Sale at the Cebu International Travel and Food Expo 2011

If any didn’t know yet, I love traveling. I love foods. There ain’t no any reasons for me not to attend the Cebu International Travel and Food Expo 2011. Events like expos are always exciting to attend to because of the flooding sales, discounts and promos available to all the guests and visitors. Basically, those are my reasons why I really attended the event.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the very first area in the expo that I checked was the travel-related stuffs. Added to that, not just the air transportation that I checked but also the hotel accommodations and off course the possible things to enjoy in the place where I was planning to visit. I first lurked the local stuff then the international promos followed. I was very excited seeing great discounts offered for international flights and tourist packages. I then thought to myself to gig myself out to death in Las Vegas.

Anyway, talking about Las Vegas, I have an American-citizen close friend in medical school who has been inviting me to visit the US with her during any of the semester vacations from school. I haven’t told her yes nor no yet. But she has kept on enticing me already about what to expect and to do in Vegas. She even shared one time about some legal stuffs in Vegas, just for me to have some idea. With my excitement, I even asked about the short sale in Las VegasĀ  – those real estate legal matters. She hasn’t shared to me everything. Just a sneak pick idea. But at least, I have a bit of dose of those idea.

Hopefully, so soon, I could fly to Las Vegas. I’m sure to give you gees of what I’d do and have done there – just getting excited to it now.

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