Almost Left by the Plane

Last Friday, August 26, 2011, I really went home even though I dreamt a night before that my plane tickets were lostSmiley I didn’t mind it because I don’t believe that dreams, literal dreams at night, really do come true.

However, when I was already at the airport a minute prior to my expected time of departure, I was really thinking that there are really things which are very significant enough but I failed to put an eye to.

My ETD was 2:20 in the afternoon. I left my apartment around 11:30 AM to consider the heaviest traffic in Cebu City going to Mactan, Lapu Lapu City where the airport is located. Just spending my butts heated at the taxi seat for more than an hour really made my head cracked due to the heat of the sun. Ten minutes or more before 1:00 PM, I arrived at the Mactan International Airport at last. I told myself to relax and freshen up a bit at the Bo’s coffee inside the airport. I was really overwhelmed that I didn’t notice the time and just only hearing a last call announcement for the passengers bound for Davao City. Gah! That time was already 2:10 PM. I was in a hurry to check-in, pay for the terminal fee and get myself fix to board.


I have had no other things thought that time but trying to connect my dream of losing the tickets and my-almost-left-by-the-plane experience. While the plane is flying, every move that caught my attention due to air turbulence and packets, I always told myself ‘what if there would something happen to me here?’.

Good enough, everything went good up until I came back here in Cebu City!

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