Being the Patient

It really ain’t easy to get sick especially that in my case I am very far from my family. Smiley They couldn’t visit me here and I can’t go home easily though I really wanted it badly.

Anyhow, in as much as I wanted to be taken care of when I’m sick, is the same eagerness for me to get very well soon. So I visited the doctor on Saturday alone. Being alone in the bench while waiting for my turn, I was looking at a 5-year old girl, she’s also a patient, I presume, who was talking to her mom about what she saw inside the cardiology room. She shared that there was a patient monitor in front of here where she was able to see her heart moving while she was breathing. She, in fact, was holding her chest too while talking to her mom. And even added that she would want to be a doctor too, someday, like those who had let her show her heart moving.

That thoughts of a little kid made me smile and almost made me teary-eyed. I then turned my head off from her and talked to myself that it ain’t very easy as those like just merely uttering to be a doctor. How much more to being the patient medical doctor. *sigh*

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