‘BER’ Months Start TODAY

It’s September 2011 already. I am supposed to post about my Top Commenters for the month of August 2011, however, my blog’s template has crashed and I couldn’t open the widgets’ list page. In short, I can’t get the list of my top commenters. But I am planning to give some awesome awards to my top commenters at the end of the month, this month, just a sweet thank for what I missed last month and for this month as well.

Anyway, talking about September, it’s basically the start of the ‘BER’ months or the so-called holiday-season-month. Meaning, Christmas is fast approaching already. And when Christmas holidays are being talked about, one of the things I, personally, love to prepare and do at home is the gift-giving before the Christmas eve and the hanging of stockings on the Christmas trees.

Before, when I was young, together with my siblings, we used to set our mind to prepare for some stockings every first day of the ‘BER’ months. Well, as kids, we were just very excited to look forward for the goodie treats inside our stockings from Santa Claus which just so happened to be just our parents and aunts. LOL! We actually just found out that things when we were already in high school. Hehehe.

And now that we are already big and looking awkward to see ourselves hanging our stockings, we are letting my nephews and niece to hang for theirs also. And I am one of those Santa Clause that they are having who used to put some goodies to their stockings. Yay!

What about you? Do you have any Christmas stories to share?

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