Conjugal Blog?

Lately, I have been feeling ain’t real good because of my “being a woman“. M threw me a joke that I am acting like a menopausal woman that needs Bioidentical hormone therapy Austin, not necessarily in Austin, as he said but somehow the same as that because I easily get irritated due to my migraine causing me to be a photophobic and phonophobic during my monthly period.

Every time I have my period, I could easily change mood from one to another in just a wink. Could you believe that? I don’t know why. I even more gotten irritated when M asked me to make his second blog a conjugal blog. He asked me to post and update since it is our love story.

conjugal blog

At first, I didn’t get what he means. But when my period went off and I was feeling ok, I realized that yeah! it is our blog and I should contribute some by posting and updating it also. He also asked me to visit his blog, open his account as well since he’s so busy.

And yes, I just did.

In fact, last night I checked and opened his email address, facebook account and his blog accounts. I was surprised to see spam comments flooding on his blog. Poor M! Anyway, I’m done doing his and even joined his blog in one of the memes in the blogosphere. I will update my blogs today too.

Have a Blessed Sunday guys!

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