How Much is the Average Salary of a Pharmacy Technician?

Someone asked me that if I didn’t enroll in a medical school, what would I’d be doing now?

Well, most probably, I’d be in a pharmaceutical company. I have a number of friends who graduated with the same course as mine, Bachelor of Science in Biology and even those just from any natural science courses are now inclined to large pharmaceutical companies in the country.

In fact, one of them, really a close friend of mine is now a pharmacy technician already after completing a masters degree in pharmaceuticals, I don’t know what the exact term of which, but she’s doing great in such company and even shared how she earns.

Looking at the graph below, I don’t know if such is the same with my friend’s trending salary, but at least that shows a considerable worth-working compensation from a pharmaceutical company.

What do you think of that?

With that trend, are you enticed now to work as a pharmacy technician?

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