iPad Blogging

Indeed, technology is really fast approaching.

I could still remember the very first months, even the first days, I tried blogging. I already have my personal desktop computer Smiley that time but I don’t have my stable owned internet connection yet. What I used to do when I want to blog and update my posts and do blog hopping, I used to visit an internet shop near in school. I befriend one of the owners of the shop so for me to have a discount on longer internet consumption.

That was still on 2007.

But now? I am just getting amazed to see my hands and fingers doing the work on the smallest technological innovation where I could blog. It is on my iPad 2.

At first, I really have had hard time adapting my fingers on the tiny qwerty keys on the iPad which is far different, in terms of easiness and comfort in using, compared to the real big key boards of my laptop and my desktop. In the latter, there are separate keys for numbers, symbols and even function keys which are very convenient to use. In fact, because I memorize all the keys in keyboards, I am used to not to look at the keyboard while typing or doing computer stuffs. But in iPad, I really need to stare at those cute tiny keys for me not to get mistake on typing words when blogging.

Nonetheless, iPad blogging is still good, just good as far as I experience when it comes to online works because of its very portable hippy and gorgeous look. Haha!

I will share soon, on my next posts, about some apps that I love most with my iPad 2. Smiley

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