Next Vacation Stop: DALAMAN, TURKEY?

In times like this where body ain’t working and jiving with me well, I used to imagine things where I could spend some time to relax and feeling stress-free from the real world of racing to survive.

Yeah, honestly, I am not feeling good today. This actually started 4 days ago with a very simple sneezing. I just thought my allergies were starting to attack me. So I didn’t mind it at all. However, last night, I was already feeling so drowsy and weak all over my body. And I woke up early this morning at around 3 o’clock because of difficulty breathing. I guess, I need to visit my physician one of these days.

Anyway, upon waking up, I didn’t rise from my bed immediately. I still had my dreaming-wishing moment. Smiley

I was thinking, actually, of any good places to spend my vacation after the school’s semester this year. One of the places abroad that strike my mind was Turkey. While thinking of things to do there, a thunder just suddenly distracted me and so was hesitant then to pursue with my flights to Dalaman Turkey. Smiley I event thought of checking, as what I always do every time I travel, the weather condition in Dalaman, Turkey if it would be safe to travel of any means to Dalaman.

Just because I was getting carried away with my imaginary travels and flights to Dalaman, Turkey, after rising from my bed, I really checked over the internet the weather condition there. And took a snapshot of it from Weather Underground, Dalaman, Turkey weather today. The worst thing I did this morning, hehe, I really checked the best places which every traveler shouldn’t missed to drop by when getting there in Dalaman, Turkey. Some of the spots are, off course, the beaches and resorts and other natural ancient beauties where up until now the people in Dalaman, Turkey has preserved such area.

So, anybody would want to go and take some flights to Dalaman Turkey with me? Smiley

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