Personal Excuses

As I have been mentioning in my health blog about my illness that is almost a week now and yet still disturbing me badly, this has yet became my personal excuses to be absent in the class on Monday.


Just right after our unit exam and a quiz, consecutively, in two different subjects in medical schools, I asked the doctor, our teacher on such subject, if she could excuse me from the class since I need to go back to the hospital and seek for consult from a pulmonologist. Since I was coughing badly that time while taking the exam and the quiz and while asking her permission, I guess, she was convinced already. She allowed me then to go but noted that if I could finish early with my appointment, I need to get back in school. I just nod.

When I arrived in the hospital, that was already 10 o’clock in the morning. I didn’t see any doctors nor secretaries int he doctors’ clinic but only the janitors manually wiping the floor and the ceiling of the hospital building. After minutes of waiting for nothing, I guess, I decided to go to another hospital. However, the heavy traffic along my way to the next hospital caused me to get pissed off with what happened. So instead of going to the hospital, I told the taxi cab driver to detour and find a way to the SM City Cebu instead.

Oh yeah! In less than an hour, I arrived at SM City Cebu. Since I also need a number of personal stuff to be bought, I asked my classmate, Georiet, and at the same time a housemate also to follow me at the mall. She unhesitatingly followed me then. When we see each other there, we were still in our medical uniforms. Haha. Silly us!

After five hours of roaming, shopping and just wandering around the mall, we went home then.

Indeed, my illness has became my personal excuses to be absent in the class. LOL!

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