..poker online, instead!

I am very disappointed with facebook since last night. Up until this morning, it still says facebook account unavailable.

One friend suggested me to contact the facebook support, and that was also what I was thinking and doing since last night. But I can’t find any answers on my query. I am somehow getting lose from the courage to make it back again. I hope not!

What I did earlier this morning was, I played poker online, instead! Hey! I didn’t gamble. I just made use of the poker free slots I grabbed over the internet.

These stuff, online games such as poker, casino online, slots and more, are just some of my past time to do especially when I am not in the mood in doing or completing my online work and my personal, school obligations too. Playing poker online, for instance, somehow relieves my anxiety, most specifically, on what had happened with my facebook account. It’s really sad, unacceptable, worrying and very unfair to think why only my account went something like unavailable to access. To divert my hurt feelings away, I opted to play poker instead.

And yeah! It helped! Though, the truth still there, the fact that up until I am done playing poker, and yet my facebook account still unavailable to access, somehow, my feelings ain’t that hard and worry-ful compared to last night’s and before I played poker online.

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