POOR Nail Polish

I haven’t visited the salon for almost a month now. In fact, when I went home two weeks ago, that was already two weeks after. See? Almost a month of having a POOR NAIL POLISH I have on my fingernails.

My mom threw me a joke when she looked at my fingers like this, “don’t you have a mom to take care of your fingers?” Waaah! And I just, “Yeah, I don’t have one in Cebu, but I will try to look for one.” And mom just smiled.

The funniest of all during my flight to Davao City was that I wasn’t able to check the material handling used in packing for my pressies, those were fully packed with foods and toys for the kids at home, because when I was about to grasp the box, I saw my fingernails that are ain’t good looking. Haha! I just immediately told the attendant to carry the box in the compartment of the taxi cab.

But up until now, just today, the moment I post this article, I still am having this poor nail polish on my fingernails. I haven’t removed this yet. I don’t have a nail polishing kit here in my apartment, so I don’t have any choice but to wait for me to visit the salon.

I hope I could go to the salon today.

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