Where to go on a vacation?

If you didn’t know it yet, am sick for the last 5 days. Up until now, I still am. And every time I get sick, I have nothing to do but to think of getting the most relaxing vacation get-away I could have.


In fact, I have already planning of my vacation as soon as the semester ends. I was already looking for cheap package holidays to spend at. It’s undeniable, I am yet a medical student so I only need to look for cheap package holidays offered by, off course, those very conducive for relaxation and de-stressing resorts, beaches and other places.

Could you believe it that I was thinking to have a vacation and even check some flights to Dalaman Turkey?  Yeah! I really want to have a vacation right now. I want to be relaxed and feel stress-less physically even for three days and two nights of vacation. I really am not feeling good, I have had been taking medicines for fever, cough and flu for the past five days but I noticed nothing changes in me. I guess, that’s the very reason why I want to fly and go away from my apartment and just even try to forget some stuff ins school ~ emptying my mind for a moment.

Anyway, I already have found some cheap package holidays to choose from three. I am now getting puzzled where to go on a vacation making the best of  out of those three cheap packages. But I still am also waiting for my mom if she would allow me to go there in just for three days. Rest assured, that cheap package holidays that I lurked on is really cheap.

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