At the Farm Town

Have I told you that I have arrived here in our farm town safely on Sunday, October 23, 2011? Whether I’ve shared it already or not, let me say it again, I am in now here in our farm town, in safe and good place where I am having a very peaceful and stress-free living even just for a minimum time before I would go back to Cebu for our classes to resume.

Anyway, I really do miss this place. This is very far different from the busy city streets where I used to stay at since I was in my college years, that was from Davao City and now in Cebu City. Aside from the calm beaches where I used to go every time I am getting so depressed and physically tired, this place is the second where I would want to spend an hour or more to relax. The fresh humid air especially in the morning is like giving me a refreshing smoothie to zip on. The naturally and not-so-cold environment is very conducive for sleeping which I used to do since I arrived here on Sunday. And obviously, the reason why I haven’t been blogging since then. Hehe.

I haven’t stepped on yet in our farm ville. I am just here at home. Maybe later today or tomorrow, for sure before I would go back to Cebu City, I could visit our farm. I also need to visit some of my closest relatives living just near our home. Yesterday, I already have seen the newly born, less than a week-old, piglets of my aunt. She also let me see the well pump her husband is planning to work on. For that quick visit, we have talked on the submersible well pump that I and my sister bought a year ago in Davao City which my dad has been using until today. My aunt even asked me where specifically we bought some of our water well pumps because she might be using one for her pigs.

submersible pumpsSubmersible water well pumps

Today, I am not sure where would I go next but maybe, I would give my pet, Kenet, a walk this morning. But sure thing to do today is another more than 6-hour sleep again. Haha!

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