Complains, complains, complains!

For bloggers, online writers or the like, have you received a lot of complains from online advertisers? How do you usually deal with it? What particular stuff do they complain most of the time? Why, do you think, are they complaining?



I have a lot of blogger friends who, lately, has been complaining of not-so-good acts of some advertisers. Even I, I do complain against some especially those very impolite one. It is very sad to know that many online advertisers are somehow making bloggers expect from nothing. They keep on contacting bloggers thru the contact form or even on the commenting form offering a good bucks to write for them. But when the blog owner acknowledge their comment or queries, they just tend to reply like no available stuff to work on.

Huh?!?! Are you making fun of us – bloggers?

I shouldn’t be blabbing more about them here. Soon soon, I really will.

Anyway, I also read online some complaints. But I just smile. I just thought that a lot of people today are experiencing not a good act online from not-so-good people. Hopefully things will be better soon.

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