Happy Teachers’ Day to My MUM!

This is kind’a long overdue. Today ain’t the world’s teachers’ day but on October 5, 2011. I was just very busy and that I able to post this a little late. I never forget about it, though, of course, it is for my mom, why should I?

I know, and am a bit sure, that all of you who used to follow me knows that my mum is my greatest teacher, by profession and she, herself, as a mother, as a friend, and everything else.

She’s not just an ordinary mother, mom, to me but the most wonderful person in the world. She’s my best friend, and I’m proud of it of having her as such that anytime, anywhere, she never fails to listen and take even a little time from her busy schedules just to attend my nonsense rants, not-so-funny jokes and a lot more.

She is the best teacher I ever met. I could tell nothing more but the best!

For you mum, thanks for all the teachings you never stopped sharing to me. Thank you thank you so much!

And to all the teachers out there, thank you for never giving up on teaching young minds, including me, for the goodness of our future. I salute you all!

Happy Teachers’  Day!

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