Happy Birthday Mommy Raya!

Mommy Raya, but I used to call her Ate Raya, is one of my newest blogger friend from Bisdak Bloggers Network. Today, she’s celebrating her nth birthday. It’s just nth birthday because I am clueless how old, rather, how young she is today. Smiley

And again and again, I am stealing another picture from Facebook. Hehe. I hope Mommy Raya won’t mind that I stole one of her profile images. I used to do this every time I have a blogger friend who’s celebrating birthday. Smiley Silly me, I know, but just sometimes! Ahihihihi!  Smiley

Mommy Raya owns a number of blogs like Our Home and Heaven and Colors and Contrast, which is also the host blog of weekly meme, Wednesday Whites.

For you Mommy, I am wishing you good health and forever a happy and healthy family. God Bless you always!

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