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I already am having a number of blogs counting to more than ten, 13 to be exact and still counting. Yes! You heard it right! I am still thinking of adding more and more blogs. Haha! But that is if and only if every thing permits me to do so, especially Him. Hopefully, He’s allow me to work with all of my blogs rightfully.

By far, I am doing well with my blogs. Though, among the 13, I have 5 of them that are not yet fully updated. But at least they all are being indexed already by MrG.

The good thing of my blogs, if you happen to drop by on there, they are all DO FOLLOW blogs.

My blogs’ comments are all DO FOLLOW. So, if ever you’d like to leave some relevant comments there, I could even give you a juicy love back provided that you are not spammy. Aside from that, every month, I am also recognizing my top commenters and thanking them through a special posts like this, September 2011 Top Commenters and this July 2011 Top Commenters.

Ain’t those stuff good to hear? Smiley

If you have time, you could l leave some comments in my blog and be rewarded monthly. We can also exchange links, if you want too. Here are my blogs below.

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