My Dream House

Though I am yet a student, in as early as now, I am already thinking of my future independent living with the family of my own, perhaps. I used to think, and even jut down what I wanted to have, to do, with my own life in the future. In fact, I have already drawn in my mind some features of my dream house. I and M haven’t talked this much often, but this is what I want to have – a house made of steel.

Why I want a steel house or any steel buildings?

It all because of the many traumatic fire experiences I had in a year of staying here in Cebu City. But hey, this doesn’t mean that I, myself, my own house or the building where I stayed at was the one on fire, just some of the houses near the building where I am staying were put into dust due to fire.

The most traumatic experience I had is the one happened on June 2011 wherein the house on fire was just less than a hundred meters away from our building.

The fire started after a very heavy rain and angry thunder and lightnings ceased around 12 midnight. According to the people who were still awake on that hour and who happened to witness how the fire started, it was the post in the corner of the street where the transformer was located caught the lightning, or the other way around, and run to the nearest house through the electrical wiring being networked on that post.

That was really a very scary moment for me and our neighbors here. The evil-looking fire was still on my mind until now. That basically has caused me to think of getting a steel house instead of the usual wood-made interior structures of houses.

What about you? What is your dream house, if you haven’t had the one yet?

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