My Granddad’s Birthday

Today is my granddad’s birthday, my mum’s father. Since he left away, I, myself, didn’t know already how to celebrate his birthday but to offer a mass for his soul. Just that. I used to do this for a couple of years now. I can’t remember the exact numbers, or maybe I am still in denial, refusing and denying the fact that he has left me already.

I am a granddads’ girl. I almost spent all of my childhood, younger, years with him. I don’t like to reminisce more about those days coz every time I do, I didn’t notice I am already crying. Perhaps the reason why until now, I am just thinking that he’s at home, and I am here studying away from him, from the family.

I just want to share one thing from our funny days. Haha. My granddad was doing for his fighting cocks under a tree, I do not know what’s the name of such tree, and I was also doing kiddie stuff beside him. Suddenly, while I was playing, I noticed my fingers were already glued to each other. I was able to touch a sap from that tree. Afraid enough to see my fingers sticking to each other, I was already crying when I approach granddad. Seeing me with a teary eye with such fingers glued, he even scream that he was able to mention some bad words. Haha.

Good enough my granddad knew how to fix my fingers and how to remove tree sap.

Oh yeah! I mentioned earlier that I won’t share a moment or two but I already did. Hehe! I just miss my granddad; bear with me!

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