Noisy Neighbors

I woke up with a not so good morning because of the noisy neighborhood!

This actually ain’t the first time to happen. It seems like they are bragging to the whole Cebu City that they have a new best 5.1 surround sound system. Yeah! It’s ok to have such, in fact, it’s a good sound system. However, if it has been abusively used especially that the neighborhood are still sleeping early in morning, it ain’t good anymore. Today is Monday and most of our neighbors here are college students. It is very unlikely to act such like that. That noisy neighbors really ruined my morning.

Anyway, talking about that surround sound system, M wants to buy one for our house, in the future. He loved to have a separate audio visual area inside the house. And as early as now, he’s already been looking for the good one the best to fit our planned designs at home.

I am not really that music lover; but I do dance and sometimes sing. I don’t like those super noisy big bass and drums playing together especially when my migraine is attacking me to death. Noisy environment is not good for me. And I don’t like such as well.

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