On Vacation

Finally, I could have my vacation with family even just a day or two this coming weekend.

Yes! You heard that right! I, my sister, mom, dad and the two kids, Didong and Didang will be spending our weekend together in the beach. Obviously, I am getting so ecstatic to this.

Don’t you know that it’s almost a year now that I haven’t spent any of my days in the beach? Or even just stepping on to it, I have had not yet. But I have a lot of invitations from friends and classmates the past months which I declined because of busy schedules in school. I was even the one who arranged for their stay on those vacation places. One friend of mine, I remember, called me and said that I am the expert on lurking for cheap holidays over the internet that is why, even though ,I won’t be going with them, I was the one who was contacted for them to find affordable yet memorable stay to those holiday stops.

Today, this opportunity on vacation is such that I shouldn’t miss. This would be much exciting because of the two kids who’ll be coming with my mom and dad. I will just be posting in my next posts about some other plans that I and the family will be doing.

What about you? Have you had a recent vacation yet? Should you mind sharing some? Smiley

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