Saturday 9: Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby

I miss this Saturday 9 weekly blogging meme. It’s been more than two weeks I haven’t joined, if am not mistaken.This time, I don’t need to miss something. Looks like things are getting enjoyable here.

1. Adam Duritz (writer and lead sing of Counting Crows) mentions previous girlfriends in songs. In Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby he sings “There a little piece of Maria in every song I sing”. Is there a piece of an ex that will always be a part of you?
>> Nope! Nothing..

2. Who was your very first significant friend?
>> Aside from my mom, dad and siblings, my very first significant friend is my best friend, Ilyn.

3. What are four (4) things you hope to do this weekend?
>> Exercise. Blog. Study. Study.

4. What do you consider to be the main purpose of your blog?
>> Expressing myself – rants.

5. Tell us something that you’ve never before written about in your blog because it’s too personal.
>> I don’t think I still have one thing I haven’t written yet. LOL!

6. If you could choose your doctor, do you prefer someone of the same or opposite sex?
>> It depends on which medical specialty; like for instance, in surgery department, I prefer male doctors, aside from the fact that they are looking great with surge protectors on, they are also the most fitted person in surgical procedures. But in Obstetrics and Gynecological-related stuff, off course, female ones are most preferable.

7. If you could dream about anything tonight, what would the subject matter be?
>> Medical field; school – studies.

8. How do you react to practical jokes when they’re played on you?
>> Haha! Just thinking it as “JOKE”, obviously.

9. What’s on your agenda after this weekend for the upcoming week?
>> I will be on a vacation for a week or two with the family.

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