A Page Rank and Birthday Thanksgiving SOON!

Noticed something? Smiley

Page Rank Check

This blog, my personal and oldest one ~ Gagay.MD, is now at page rank 3. Smiley Upon seeing the butterfly-looking 3 on my sidebar, there’s only one thing that popped up in my mind but to give thanks to all who has been part of my blogging career. And since my birthday is coming also, in less than twenty days, I will be having a thanksgiving and party online.

But off course, without you, my blogging friends (you know who you are guys Smiley), I won’t be here in the blogging community as well. For now, I am asking your help to celebrate with me and be one of my sponsors for this thanksgiving. Kindly click and fill up THIS FORM for more details regarding sponsorship.

Have great Tuesday guys and hoping you all have a good PR on your blogs today!

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