Adgitize Ads Expiring

I received a notification email yesterday from adgitize admin that my existing ads with them will be expiring in the next few days. This is not the first time that I am availing an ad from adgitize but I am having two thoughts now whether I will renew my ad or not. Smiley

Why Renew?

Of course, as an earning blogger online, I also need a constant visitors in my blogs even if I won’t post everyday. Advertising in adgitize really helps my blogs, somehow, in lowering my alexa rank.

Why Not?

The long weekend for medical school is over. Sure thing, I can’t blog harder as I could and even drop to other adgitize members. Posting to the main blog is also needed in adgitize to gain more points. But since, as I have said, our classes will resume tomorrow, I can’t post on my blogs every day then.

So what do you? Will I renew? Or not?

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