Fashion Blog: CosmoGirl.ME

I supposed to tell the world that I am already having a fashion blog the day it was alive and kicking. The blog was already available last June 11, 2011.


Just because of my mañana habit, this blog, though being updated regularly, has always been forgotten to be introduced. Mañana habit if you didn’t know denotes a Filipino attitude of doing things later or tomorrow. Mañana is a Spanish word which means tomorrow. Perhaps the reason even if this blog has been updated is yet unknown publicly not until today, after it has reached four months.

Can you count how many blogs am I having now? Smiley

Well, I am still thinking of adding one more, skin care blog. What do you think about it? I do already have a health blog and fashion blog, but a vanity blog like a skin care, I don’t have yet. But I still need to think more about this one. Any thoughts? Smiley

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