Gift Box Window Decal

My birthday is coming, haven’t you noticed?

Yes! Mmmmm..maybe, a day, or two, or more to wait, and I will be numerically older. Take note, I am emphasizing it here, just numerically because for me, birthday is just an addition of age in a yearly basis.

So, basically, I am older this year than last year, getting more mature in life’s uncertainties but I am yet the youngest (as I am in the family) by heart and mind.

Moreover, since I am already blabbing about my birthday today, I am planning to buy a birthday gift box window decal and display it, off coures. I don’t have a car myself, but thinking of putting the window decal on the back cover of my iPad instead. This is to let many people know that I am accepting birthday gifts because my birthday is coming. Ain’t that a great idea? Haha!!!

Kidding aside, have you seen any of the Maverick Label decals? Aren’t they good looking? offers quality custom window decals. In terms of durability, they provide high standard window decals. Various sizes, colors and shapes are also available depending on the preferences of the customers. Different kinds of window decals applicable outside or inside the windows are also available.

Can you suggest a birthday gift box window decal designs for me? Smiley

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