How to Deal With Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships (LDRs) are a bizarre concept.

After all, being figuratively ‘together’ but physically apart are completely conflicting ideas. However, modern life is forcing more and more couples into this situation. Relocation of jobs, studying at different universities, meeting on UK dating sites, holiday romances – these are just some of the scenarios that force couples to live apart. However, modernity has also provided us with loads of ways to have a full and happy LDR. Here are a few methods couples use to deal with distance:

Constant Communication


Speaking at least once a day is a great way to nurse that craving for each other. Plus, with the wonderful world of the internet there are many ways you can chat for free. Facebook, msn, Skype – the possibilities are endless. Try to vary your communication to keep it interesting.  One really nice way to say a surprise hello every so often, although it will take a bit longer, is to send a parcel with a letter and a few lightweight gifts. Keeping in contact is essential for keeping anxiety and jealousy at bay – feelings that can all too often poison long distance relationships.


Buy a webcam. It helps so much to be able to see each other – if your camera is good enough quality it will be like your other half is in the room with you! Set up a Skype date and watch a whole film at the same time, or set up your laptop whilst you’re doing food prep – it’s a great way to feel like you’re actually present in your partner’s everyday life. Be careful, though – it can also make you miss each other a lot more!

Planning in Advance

If you see each other once a month, make sure you spend some time leading up to the visit planning. For example, arranging candlelit dinners, days out and walks along the river if you’re dating Belfast people is a great way to take your mind off each other’s absence. Also, if you prepare and book weeks ahead, travel tickets will be so much cheaper, meaning you can afford more visits.

Left Luggage


Every time you visit, leave something behind. Permanent fixtures might include a toothbrush, something to sleep in, a pair of heels and a warm jumper. This really helps you feel at home when you get there. It’s also comforting to have some of your partner’s stuff around when you miss them – to wear or to sniff depending on the severity of your withdrawal symptoms!

The Solution

Never stop thinking and talking about solving the problem of distance. The relationship cannot work like this forever, and having an achievable end solution where you will both live together in the same place is essential to keep it going.

Don’t let an LDR get you down. The above coping mechanisms will help you stay together and manage your emotions until you can find a solution to your situation.

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