Money from Blog

As I have been telling since before and keep on mentioning until now that I never expected to get paid in blogging, I am very glad to know that up until now, though I am busy with school works, my blogs are still earning and helping me a lot with my financial needs in school.

Before, when I was in college, every time I have projects and paper works needed to be submitted and on such time I don’t have money to be used, I keep asking favors from my friends and classmates to let me owe or borrow some and promised to pay them as soon as my allowances arrive. But now, with blogging and earning on it also, I am saving extra income and money for any emergency cases especially with my schooling. One of my friends has threw me a joke one time remembering those college days that I almost need to ask for a piece of debt advice from our teachers because when my allowance arrive, only a tenth of it would be left for me because most of those were being used too pay for what I’ve borrowed.

debt adviceNeeding a piece of Debt Advice?

Now, that I am somehow earning, not constantly, but at least I have saved some money from blog, I am now debt-free except for my monthly bills on internet connection, electricity and more. Thanks to blogging!

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